Growing Sativa Available in Paperback and Kindle

More people than ever need to grow their own Medical Marijuana. With the news of dispensaries being raided in California and various municipalities voting to ban dispensaries in Colorado, patients have fewer choices to purchase their medicine from than just a year ago.

Other patients who are disabled and on fixed incomes, cannot afford to pay dispensary prices (or black market prices) for their medicine. They need to grow their own in order to save money. When they grow their own, they also know first-hand what goes into their medicine

We are pleased to announce the publication of our new paperback book Growing Sativa for Medical Marijuana Patients and Caregivers. It is also available as a Kindle book.

Available at Amazon and other bookstores for $13.95, this is a clear, concise 208-page book written for patients and caregivers. There is no “stoner” jargon in the book — only easy-to-understand instructions to set up and grow your medical marijuana.

Growing Sativa is written to help people who prefer the Sativa strains of cannabis for their medicine. Many people prefer the Sativa strains because they have a more uplifting effect (called a “head high”) and can usually be taken without making the patient lethargic. In fact, many patients report feeling euphoric and more creative when using Sativa strains. The Sativas typically take longer to grow from seed to finished medicine than Indica strains.

This comprehensive book gives MMj Patients and Caregivers everything they need to know for a successful grow. Every step is covered, from planning your grow room to growing from seeds or clones, to the vegetative and flowering schedules for light and fertilizer, to controlling odor, diagnosing nutrient deficiencies, dealing with pests and pathogens and much more.

Do you know the best techniques for germinating seeds?

Do you know the steps to take to keep your grow under the radar?

Do you need low-cost odor control?

Are you interested in growing for the lowest cost possible?

Do you want to grow the most potent medicine you can?

Growing Sativa gives Medical Marijuana Patients and Caregivers the tools to grow their medicine indoors according to the laws in the states where Medical Marijuana is permitted.

All of the questions a beginning grower might ask are answered and more, without any unneeded stuff to confuse you.

Click on the picture of the book (above) or here on Growing Sativa to get the book from Amazon.